Your data is none of our business.

We don't collect, harvest, or sell your Internet traffic.
Kayenta Technologies is the high-speed Internet service that respects your privacy. We pledge to never collect or sell your Internet data to anyone.

No Eavesdropping Policy

We don't log your personal Internet data:
Website Visits
Search History
Voice Calls
Social Media Posts
Video Conferences

Private and Secure

Kayenta Technologies does not collect your Internet data using:

Port Mirrors

Mirrors copy network traffic so that it can be analyzed or stored for later use.

Packet Sniffers

Packet sniffers analyze network traffic and log communications which meet certain criteria.

Deep Packet Inspectors

Deep packet inspectors read the contents of network packets and can reconstruct data sent/received from your connection.

No Proprietary Routers

Unlike other ISPs, Kayenta Technologies doesn't require a proprietary modem or router. If we don't control your router, then we can't see the activities of your local network or track which devices are connected.

By using your own router, you can be assured that our network ends where your network begins, thus giving you complete control of your home's private network.

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Kayenta Technologies
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Performance Metrics

So, what data do we collect?

We've developed an in-house software solution which measures the performance of our internal network infrastructure. These measurements include latency, bandwidth utilization, packet loss, signal strength, uptime, etc.

We use this information to ensure that you maintain a strong and reliable connection to the Internet. This data has nothing to do with what you're doing on the Internet and everything to do how well your connection is performing.

In short, we're interested in network performance, not your personal data.

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